Personal Relationships

University students practising the Transcendental Meditation programme rated significantly more positively the important people in their lives (parents, spouse) than did control students.

Reference: Perceptual and Motor Skills 64: 1003–1012, 1987.

Comment by two students in a Government school in Portugal after learning Transcendental Meditation

‘My social life has improved’

‘It became easier to interact with others’


Decreased Medical Expenses

As a result of improved stability of the physiology and more health related behavior the long-term effect of practicing Transcendental Meditation and better health is measured in this study, done in Quebec, Canada, among 1400 people who began the practice of Transcendental Meditation compared to 1400 matched controls, and before they began with the practice of TM there was virtually no difference between the groups.

After beginning the practice of TM there was a highly significant decrease of about 14% per year of reduction of medical expenses as measured by the government insurance. That means that over the course of 3 years a reduction of approximately 40% could be measured.

Reference: American Journal of Health Promotion 14: 284-291, 2000.