Quotes from Teachers

All comments are from middle school teachers:

Mathematics teacher:

“Being in an all-girls Consciousness-Based school, these girls focus more; they are 100 percent for learning. When sitting in class, all their attention is on the subject and on me, and mine for them; they don’t bother about what each other is doing. When they do their summaries at the end of class, my heart soars. They are wonderful girls.”

Science teacher:

“These girls are extremely intelligent; they want to go as deeply into the subject as I can go. There is deep quietness and freshness in them, a well-rested quality in all of them. They focus all day like that.”

“I’ve noticed a deep sense of individual purpose in these girls, and commitment to the values of developing consciousness. They sincerely want to discover beauty and truth, and be able to express it themselves.”

Language Arts teacher:

“I love teaching at this school—what an adorable group of students—so creative and gentle and attentive. When they do their end-of-lesson summary, giving the main point that they have learned in the class, it gives me such fulfillment.”

Government teacher:

“It is a joy to teach these girls—they are truly ideal. They are eager to learn, wide-awake in class, and easily made deep connections to the Science of Consciousness. It is like teaching little sponges. They love learning about government, and seeing the connections between Natural Law and national law. They treat me, and their classmates, with affection and respect.

History teacher:

“It is a very different experience teaching these students. The most distinctive feature is that when I have given them some points about history, they reply by connecting it to their own subjective experience and knowledge of human consciousness.
“And they do this with such eloquence and so easily. I find this extraordinary—the fluency with which they relate something as objective as an historical event or personality to a Science of Consciousness principle and to their own experience.”

Science of Consciousness teacher:

“The girls are absorbing the knowledge of Maharishi Science of Consciousness with a great thirst; it is very fulfilling to me as a teacher. With every lesson they are growing, building upon previous lessons in their depth of understanding of this field. Their inquiries are very deep; they draw the knowledge out of me.”

Science of Consciousness teacher:

“It is uplifting to witness the students’ evolving consciousness and how they absorb this knowledge. Their ability to grasp abstract principles and connect them to their own Self and the universe is remarkable. They are very loving to one another and support each other on their path of growth to higher states of consciousness.”
“Because their hearts and minds are equally engaged, it is delightful experiencing their appreciation of the know- ledge, and watching the way they integrate what they learn so easily and quickly.”

Teacher’s comment on being in an all-girls Consciousness-Based school: 

“I’ve noticed in teaching in an all-girls Consciousness- Based school that the students are more settled within themselves, and more open and receptive to knowledge. They give back so much of what they’ve learned without restraint. Their awareness is lively, free from distraction; having all girls together produces a special quality of focus. It is a joy to teach them.”

Teachers’ comments on school buildings constructed in accord with Natural Law:

“This building is so nourishing, it is difficult to leave. The day is very pleasant here; there is no feeling of wanting to go home, because you are home.”

“There is an enormous amount of purity here, which is very tangible. All the teachers feel it is a great privilege to have such an environment.”