Short Videos— Transcendental Meditation in Schools Worldwide


First government school in Europe using the program

In Dr. Alberto Iria School in Olhäo, Portugal where the Transcendental Meditation program is part of the curriculum, students experienced profound benefits in all aspects of life (10 min).

On the basis of this success, there are now 14 schools in Portugal implementing the Transcendental Meditation program.


“From a ‘fighting’ school

to a harmonious, successful school”

The administrators and teachers in this Mali school were astonished at the transformation of their students after learning Transcendental Meditation. (5.75 min)


From national TV news show (NBC):

“Detroit school uses TM as stress-buster”

For over 25 years, middle school students in this school have practiced TM twice-daily, relieving stress and improving their academic performance and social behavior, as validated by scientific research. (5 min)


Transcendental Meditation in Arizona Schools

Arizona school students, teachers, and principals notice big changes with the TM program: Increased focus, creativity, and deeper thinking; less stress and dramatically reduced antisocial behavior; and greater happiness. (6.5 min)


Teachers at a Chicago school benefit from TM (excerpt)


The directors comment on their own and the teachers’ benefits from Transcendental Meditation, including increased competence, creativity, and effectiveness, in teaching and in life. The students will now learn the practice so that they have the tools “to successfully navigate life no matter where, and to mitigate any life problems they encounter.” (2:29 min)


“The Second Miracle of Daburia School”

Through the Transcendental Meditation program, Daburia School in Israel was transformed from being one of the lowest performing schools to an award winning school. (10 min)


From the national television show, “CBS Sunday Morning”

Maharishi School in Iowa, USA (founded 1974), offering the full Consciousness-Based education program, was highlighted in this popular weekly television show. (6 min)

Ever since its founding Maharishi School students won over 100 international, national and state honors in the areas of science, mathematics, speech, drama, writing, poitry, spelling, art, photography, history, chess, tennis, golf, track, and international problem solving competitions.

California, USA:

Transcendental Meditation in a public school

The results in this San Francisco public school were so outstanding that the program has been introduced into 11 schools in the same district with 4000 students. (7.5 min)

David Lynch Foundation – Reports on TM in School


The Story of Education for World Peace

The Governor of Bali realized his life long aspiration for creating a model school for disadvantaged students when he  implemented the the Transcendental Meditation and TM-Sidhi Program in his schools. Within two years his school became the # 1 school in Indonesia and the Principal was named the  #1 school Principal in the country. ( 8 min 39 sec)


Buddhist Girl’s School Dhammajarinee

Dhammajarinee Witthaya Free School provides kindergarten through 12th grade education to more than 400 girls practicing the Maharishi Technology of Consciousness in their daily routine. (6 min)