Quotes From Parents

Parent of a 14-year-old student

“Ideal Girls School takes these precious few years that we dedicate to education and uses every moment of it to cultivate enlightenment, so that by the time y young lady is old enough to consider what her path in life will be —whether she chooses to raise a family or lead a self-sufficient life—she will be able to do it with fulfillment and bliss. Everything she does will be nourishing to life”.

About having a school building in tune with Natural Law:
“The students here glow with happiness and contentment. The land and the building provide a beautiful silent space for the growth of the students. The feeling here is of effortless effort. Everything grows toward the highest here in a most easy way.”
“It is a place where the students can sink into the knowledge in an environment that is very nourishing to our physiology.”