Scientifically Validated Benefits

Animated scientific research slide show (with commentary by Dr. Michael Dillbeck, 23 minutes)

8-page pamphlet on the scientific findings related to education:

  • “Scientific Research Findings on the Transcendental Meditation program in Education“ (A4 size here)

20-page color brochure: “Summary of Scientific research on Consciousness-Based Education” (A4 size here)

Contents include:

  • Scientific Research Findings in many areas of life
  • Description of selected studies
  • Benefits for teachers and administrators
  • Benefits for society
  • Achievements of Consciousness-Based institutions
  • References

For middle and secondary students—Scientific research booklet: 

  • “The Benefits of the Transcendental Meditation and TM-Sidhi programs—Developing Intelligence and brain functioning; health, well-being, and energy; happiness and confidence; and a more peaceful society”

“In Search of Excellence: Leadership, Peak Performance, and Transcendental Meditation”
(3-page summary of research on brain integration)

From Maharishi University of Management website:

Longer academic article: