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Dhammajarinee School in Thailand

Year after year, Dhammajarinee grows and remains successful in its mission to protect, educate, and develop creativity and leadership in disadvantaged girls from all parts of Thailand.

It is a Buddhist school for girls from underprivileged families, integrating the Transcendental Meditation and TM-Sidhi program in their curriculum. Today, Dhammajarinee Witthaya School has expanded from 20 to 1000 students, grades pre-school to 12. The students have risen out of poverty and neglect to win regional and national awards and go on to college. This moving success story is the tree that has grown from a simple seed—the dedication, perseverance, and compassion of one outstanding nun, Acharn Yai.

Happy girls at Dhammajarinee School – an atmosphere of warmth and love. The nuns appreciate the need to nurture and protect the tender hearts of these children who are either without family or living away from home.

Standard academic disciplines in preparation for university studies. Job skills training and apprenticeship opportunities are arranged for students who do not plan to attend university.


Development of consciousness

The basis for all of the other aspects of life is the practice of the Transcendental Meditation (TM) technique and the more advanced TM-Sidhi program. TM has been well documented to improve academic performance, reduce stress, enhance creativity, and improve health in many, many ways.

Students assembled for their daily group meditation with the Transcendental Meditation and TM-Sidhi Program


Healthy food for a healthy mind and physiology

Fresh, organic food, much of which is grown on school property by the nuns and the students.

Daily delicious nourishing organic vegetarian food is served


Helping More Girls

At the end of May 2019, we began our new school year with 221 more students than the year before. In 2000, an additional 150 students joined the group practice of the TM-Sidhi Program, bringing the total creating peace to about 650—and today the number has grown to 1000 – even closer than ever to our goal of 1,500!

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Classroom Building

Thanks to the widespread support of our cherished donors around the world, our new Classroom Building was completed and is now in full use.

Meditation Hall

In November 2019, the large 5500-square-meter Meditation Hall has been completed, providing a Vastu structure to amplify the positive influence of harmony and coherence radiated by our students. Visitors already comment on the power and grandeur of its Vastu design. With over 700 Dhammajarinee students practicing their program in this beautiful building, we feel certain that all of Asia will be nourished.

New Dormitory

In January 2020 the new dormitory was constructed

Semester Break

In October, the school is on semester break.

For the students not returning home, the school ensures that they enjoy fun activities, including visiting a local waterpark.


Academically, Dhammajarinee continues to be an outstanding example of the benefits of Consciousness-Based Education. For four consecutive years, students have won national first place awards in Buddhist Recitation, Mind Map, and Memory competitions. Students also have won outstanding awards in science and business projects, singing, arts and story-telling.

In March, the school’s Principal, Acharn Yai, received a prestigious and highly honorable award from the Crown Princess of Thailand for her ‘Outstanding Contribution to Buddhism’.

To gain more self-sufficiency, a restaurant has been started

Several projects and programs have been initiated by the school to provide practical training to the students and promote greater financial self-sufficiency. Recently, the school has opened its own restaurant, Ban Im Boon Jarinee, which is a growing attraction to locals, visitors, and parents. Guest enjoy an international cuisine along with excellent service from the students. Now, anyone who desires to visit the school has an open invitation to eat at the restaurant and see the campus.

Dhammajarinee never gives up on its mission of providing a safe, healthy, protected and progressive environment for girls who may have been victims of violence or abuse.

Thank you for helping to create thousands of smiles like these!

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