Old and New Principles

New Principles of Education Based on Knowledge and Experience of Transcendental Consciousness—the Unified Field—

a Summary Chart

Students and teachers respond to education in new ways as their awareness expands and they command more of their inner potential, just as someone who is wide awake evaluates his surroundings differently than when he is drowsy. The knowledge, technology, research, and experience with the Transcendental Meditation and Transcendental Meditation Sidhi programs have given rise to new conceptions about education—all based ultimately on the experience of Transcendental Consciousness.

Principles that have been guiding education in the past are being replaced or expanded with new principles based on a more complete understanding of the nature, range, and development of human consciousness.

These new principles, which derive from the Science of Consciousness, as brought to light by Maharishi, currently guide teachers and administrators who are applying Consciousness-Based education. The contrasts between old and new principles are summarized in this chart.