How You Can Participate

  • To learn the Transcendental Meditation Techniquego to tm.orgOn the home page, upper right corner, click on the orange box: “Find a TM Teacher”

For all the following areas of interest,
please write to

  • Educators who would like to know how to introduce the Transcendental Meditation program into their institution
  • Principals or teachers in a middle or secondary school, who would like a professional teacher of Transcendental Meditation to speak to their teachers and staff about the benefits of the TM technique for teachers and students;
    or who are considering adding the Transcendental Meditation program to their school curriculum
  • Teachers of Transcendental Meditation wanting to introduce the TM program in a school
  • Parents who would like Transcendental Meditation to be introduced in their child’s school;
    or who would like to send their child to a school where the students are practicing Transcendental Meditation
  • Students who would like to go to a school or university where Transcendental Meditation is part of the curriculum
  • Those who would like to participate in an educational project with Transcendental Meditation
  • Those who would like to donate to the International Foundation of Consciousness-Based Education or to a particular project

For more information about the International Foundation of
Consciousness-Based Education: