Questions and Answers on the TM-Sidhi program, with Yogic Flying

1. What is the TM-Sidhi Program?
This is an effortless advanced practice of Transcendental Meditation, which cultures the individual to think and act from the most powerful, creative, quiet level of awareness, Transcendental Consciousness. Through this practice, mind-body coordination increases greatly, leading to the ability to fulfill one’s goals with a quiet intention.

2. What is Yogic Flying?
Yogic Flying is a part of the TM-Sidhi program during which the body spontaneously lifts off the ground, bringing waves of energy, exhilaration, and bliss to the Yogic Flyer. The purpose of Yogic Flying, as it is for the entire TM-Sidhi program, is to develop the ability to function at increasingly subtle and powerful levels, for greatest effectiveness in daily life.

Scientific research has found that at the point of “lift-off,” brain wave patters, as shown by EEG, are most coherent, indicating maximum orderliness and integration of brain functioning.

3. In Yogic Flying, do people really fly through the air?
In the first stages of Yogic Flying, as described in the traditional literature, the body spontaneously rises off the ground in short hops. As the practice continues these hops become bigger and lighter, which is a sign of increased coherence in brain functioning and enhanced mind-body coordination: the subtlest impulse of thought is sufficient to raise the body off the ground. Historic records describe that this practice leads to the body’s ability to float and move through the air.

As mentioned above, the great value of Yogic Flying and the whole TM-Sidhi program is completely practical: it develops mind-body coordination at increasingly subtle and powerful levels, enabling the achievement of one’s highest goals from the most subtle level of thought.

The great value of Yogic Flying for society is explained in the next answer.

4. What is the scientific explanation for this phenomenon of Yogic Flying?
Regular practice of Yogic Flying brings growing mastery over the force of gravity, as demonstrated by the body’s spontaneous rising off the ground in response to a purely mental impulse. Mastery over gravity shows the capability of the fully developed human mind to function from the level of quantum gravity—the only level from which conventional, classical gravity can be controlled.

Quantum gravity exists at the level of super unification, where gravity unites with the other fundamental forces to become the unified field of natural law. The ability to function at the level of quantum gravity implies the ability to function at the level of the unified field—the field of total natural law governing all of nature.

It is from this most fundamental and powerful level of natural law that the practice of Yogic Flying enlivens coherence in collective consciousness, the basis for national invincibility.

5. Why do people practice Yogic Flying in large groups?
Scientific research has repeatedly shown that when large groups of people practice the TM-Sidhi program with Yogic Flying together in one place, positive social and economic trends improve; and negative trends, such as accidents, violence, and civil conflicts decrease. The scientists who investigated this positive effect of increased harmony and orderliness in society named it the Maharishi Effect.

Through this effect, even a small fraction of the population can transform the quality of life in the whole society—the larger the group, the greater the positive effect. Fifty scientific research studies on the effect of group practice of Yogic Flying strongly indicate this technology to be the practical means to create and maintain world peace.

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