Bringing Consciousness-Based Education to Your Nation

2-Week In-Residence Course
for Governors, Sidhas, and Meditating Educators

Maharishi’s principles, experienced Consciousness-Based educators, and practical steps to implement Transcendental Meditation in education

14 August – 28 August 2020
Held at Maharishi Island of World Peace, Ireland

Beautiful coastal location, comfortable Vastu building for residence, meals, meetings, and group programme

What this course includes:

  • The principles of education for enlightenment from Maharishi, and from international experts, including those who have successfully introduced the Transcendental Meditation and TM-Sidhi programmes to schools in many countries
  •  Detailed and proven steps, with all the materials, presentations, and guidelines for implementing Transcendental Meditation in an educational institution, including the latest scientific findings on Transcendental Meditation in education
  • Continual alternation between knowledge and participants working with that knowledge

Blissful, harmonious, dynamic, restful atmosphere

  • Participants learn and practise short and longer presentations, with slide presentations of the scientific research, for school directors and parents. Participants practise in groups, receiving appreciation and feedback.

  • They also practise making 3-minute presentations to partners with their smart phones, view the results, and give helpful, encouraging comments to each other.

Blissful, harmonious, dynamic, restful atmosphere

The whole course takes place in the Maharishi Peace Palace on a beautiful island in Clew Bay on the west coast of Ireland—residence, meals, the lively knowledge sessions, walks with expansive views, and extended group practice of the Transcendental Meditation and TM-Sidhi programmes.

The result is harmony and bliss in the atmosphere, and in the collective consciousness of the participants.

A Graduation Certificate,
and materials to take home to their countries

At the end of the course, participants receive—
  • a graduation certificate;
  • the entire package of course materials to use in their countries;
  • and a flash drive that includes Dr Ashley Deans’ PowerPoint presentation on Consciousness-Based education; Raja Michael Dillbeck’s scientific research animated slide show; and the documentary videos of the Transcendental Meditation programme in schools in different countries.