Master Degree in the Science and Technology of Higher Consciousness

For Attaining the Highest Goals of Individual and National Life

“The unfolding of unlimited creativity through the development of consciousness is the basis for achieving what one wants in daily life and any great goal, irrespective of the student’s choice of discipline.”

— Maharishi Mahesh Yogi,
creator of this new degree program

Gaining higher consciousness is the most reliable way to succeed in any career and in everything you do.

Students study 12 areas of society, with the proven programs to achieve the highest goals of each area, and the opportunity for fieldwork in one of the 12:

Education • Communication • Administration and Management • Health • Music and Arts • Architecture • Economics • Agriculture • Defense • Religion and Culture • Supreme Political Science • Law

(No previous training in these areas required)

Maharishi’s latest university degree, designed specifically to accelerate development of higher consciousness—to be offered soon at one of the grand Vastu facilities of the world.

Financial aid may be available.


  • Learn the practical solutions to problems of society through proven programs, applied in fieldwork or in-depth research.
  • Graduate with a Master’s degree and a certificate as ‘Advisor in Consciousness-Based Programs’ for your area of expertise. This work can lead to becoming a director of these programmes in your nation.
  • The knowledge and fieldwork experience from this MA can also prepare you for a variety of career paths in your chosen area.

The MA at a Glance

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1st Semester: 12 basic areas of society are studied, from their distinctive concepts to unifying principles found in all disciplines, to the single most unified reality—the Self of every student.

2nd Semester: Students learn the proven, applied Consciousness-Based programs for solving the problems and achieving the goals in each of these areas.

3rd Semester: Students select one of the 12 for either fieldwork with an expert, leading to a range of possible career paths; or scholarly research, leading to insights uniting the deepest levels of the discipline with their own growth to higher consciousness, and the ability to offer practical solutions to current challenges.

During all three semesters: Students participate twice a day in the group practice of the Transcendental Meditation and TM-Sidhi programs, the foundation of the Master’s program. Direct experience of Transcendental Consciousness is the basis for the most rapid progress in all aspects of academic, personal, and professional life.

What is Higher Consciousness?

Consciousness refers to one’s state of awareness. Each state of consciousness has its own characteristics of mind and body, including brain functioning.

The three lower states of consciousness are deep sleep, dreaming, and waking. The four higher states of consciousness all have in common awareness that is so expanded, that one naturally understands everything and everyone, functions with the clearest perception and effectiveness, enjoys permanent inner contentment and fulfillment.

Higher states of consciousness develop naturally from regular experience of the fourth level of consciousness, the field of pure consciousness, the field of unlimited potential within everyone.

A unique advantage of this MA is that both the content and the structure alternate from the deepest ideas to their concrete applications, promoting holistic brain development.

Higher Consciousness — the basis for successful leadership in any field

Decades of scientific research show that the programs for higher consciousness, the Transcendental Meditation® and TM-Sidhi® programs, including Yogic Flying®, develop the qualities associated with successful leaders in all fields—

• Creativity • Intelligence • Positivity • Self-confidence
• Flexibility • Rewarding interpersonal relationships

3 Types of Study
• Classroom study • Fieldwork experience
• Experience of higher consciousness

(1) Active classroom study — Study fundamental concepts and applied programs of 12 basic areas of society, and their holistic basis, the field of your own total intelligence, from where the problems of these areas can be solved and their highest goals achieved.

In each lesson you continually apply and express the knowledge you are gaining, both individually and in groups.

(2) Fieldwork experience — Working with international experts and mentors in one of the 12 areas of your choice, apply what you have learned for the practical improvement of that area of society. For example,

  • Education: Join large-scale school projects in Latin America and Asia; assisting in course development.
  • Health: Assist in a Maharishi AyurVeda® clinic; helping with consultations, seminars, lectures, and workshops.
  • Communication: Assist in setting up and video recording lectures and courses.
  • Economics: Work with marketing groups to promote Transcendental Meditation and other Consciousness-Based programs.

Fieldwork may also include giving presentations to experts in your community on the Consciousness-Based programs for that area.

(3) Experience of higher consciousness — Experience the basis of all 12 areas of society, the field of total knowledge within yourself.

Day by day, week by week, through twice-daily group practice of the Transcendental Meditation and TM-Sidhi programs, develop powerful thinking to achieve your goals, deep inner happiness, and a natural ability to help everyone.

Note: Students who have not yet learned the Transcendental Meditation Sidhi program, will learn it in the first semester.

Faculty are International Experts

The faculty are recognized for their expertise and experience in their fields. They are dedicated to engaging the students in stimulating activities that bring out their creativity, deeper understanding, and joy.

Why this Program was Designed

Between 2005 and 2008 Maharishi developed this new university program for the purpose of accelerating development of higher consciousness. Maharishi called it the Total Knowledge based curriculum.

The experience of “Total Knowledge” is the personal experience that all the different fields of knowledge and everything else in the universe have their basis in a unified field of intelligence. This field is the deepest, most creative, most intelligent level of our own self.

The field of Total Knowledge is known in quantum physics as the “unified field of all the laws of nature.” The practical benefit of Total Knowledge experienced in higher consciousness is the ability to know and understand everything, so our decisions are always spontaneously right for every situation, everything we do is successful, and we contribute maximum good to society. Growing every day towards this state is the unique advantage of this Master’s degree.

Creating invincibility for every nation. The graduates of this degree will naturally help transform their nation, and guide it toward a state of invincibility.

Invincibility results when a society is so integrated, harmonious, and progressive for all citizens that it naturally repels anything from within or outside its borders that will restrict its progress. Such a society is created by many individuals experiencing the field of Total Knowledge through the programs for development of consciousness offered in this curriculum.

Extensive scientific research demonstrates that these programs for development of consciousness, when practiced in large groups, increases positive trends and reduce negative trends throughout society.