Video Clips on CBE Programs in Schools

The Transcendental Meditation program in a school in Portugal The first Government school in Europe to implement the Transcendental Meditation program (10 minutes)
A School in Mali is Transformed by Consciousness-Based Education: "After the Fighting, the School"

The great astonishment in a Mali school about the transformation of their students after learning the Technique of Transcendental Meditation (5 minutes, 45 seconds)

The Second Miracle of Daburia School

Short film from Daburia school in Israel with its success with Transcendental Meditation

CBS Sunday Morning Clip

Maharishi School of the Age of Enlightenment, Fairfield  Iowa, USA, April 9, 2006, 6 minutes (video) 292 mb (this may take a while to download)

Teachers, administrators and students comment on their experiences with the Transcendental Meditation program in a California public middle school, 7.5 minutes (video)
David Lynch Foundation - Reports on TM in School
- TM/Quiet Time program for students (3 min)
- NBC: Detroit school uses TM as stress-buster (5 min)
- After learning TM, I instantly felt happier (2.5 min)
- San Francisco schools embrace meditation (5 min)
- Arizona students and teachers see big changes (6.5 min)
- Quiet Time transforms "fight students"  (2.75 min)
Buddhist Girl's School in Thailand

Dhammajarinee Witthaya Free School provides kinder- garten through 12th grade education to more than 400 girls who otherwise would have no opportunity to go to school. Transcendental Meditation is a vital part of their daily routine. (Scrolling down on the blog you find the video)